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Do You Think Your Life is Already Mapped Out?

Do you think your life is already mapped out? In my opinion, “yes” but it’s all about free will and choice.” Every single person has a freedom of rights to choose their own decisions.

Using wisdom makes good choices when decision making, and bad choices can be foolish as there is a lack of wisdom.

May I ask you the ultimate question? What if there was a map and all you needed to do was to glance on the map to see each choice and where the outcome lead to with the choice you made. The clarity would be insightful, wouldn’t you agree? The decision would equal fruitfulness and prosperous into an enriching outcome.

This map has the interpretation of LIFE which describes all the details needed to make the best decisions in life. Do you found when you are driving in a car and needing to reach a certain address it is much easier to found that address with a GPS (Global Positioning System). It is a satellite navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object.

For a GPS device to work correctly, it may first establish a connection to the required number of satellites. Once the GPS registers the exact address and gives you clear driving instructions like turn right or turn left. Go along this road. Go straight on/ahead. (Stay on this road-don’t turn.) Go through the tunnel. At the roundabout, take the first exit. Turn left at the crossroads. Take the second right. It’s on your left. Then eventually you end up at that destination.

The process can take a lifetime! It can be a moment of awakening into a realisation that the coordinates on the map can bring you into effective harmonious relationship with the one that has the answers to LIFE.

Do you think your life is already mapped out?

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