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Readers Favourite Mini Critique

Lilly J. Faith has authored an excellent book for parents of differently-abled children. Set Free Autism and ADHD: Parenting Special Needs Children is a book written by a mom with a child on the Spectrum to assist other parents who also have a child on the Spectrum. Meet the characters: the star - Noah (A sweet young boy who develops Autism and ADHD), the younger sister - Abby, who loves and bonds well with Noah, the director/researcher - Mum, and the best supporting husband - Dad. This is the heartfelt story of Noah and his development with Autism and ADHD. Lilly shares the struggles, but she also emphasizes the victories. The information she shares will help any parent as they navigate the whirling waters of these two disorders. 

If you have or know someone who has a child on the Spectrum or with ADHD, this is the book for you. I understand the value of a guide such as Set Free Autism and ADHD since my child is on the spectrum and has uncontrolled epilepsy. Lilly J. Faith did much research on the subject to make sure her differently-abled child, Noah. received all the help he needed to live with this diagnosis, and thrive. The techniques Lilly shares are helpful for all parents of children on the Spectrum. While Lilly reminds us that the course she took with Noah was designed especially for Noah, the techniques can be tried by all. She does recommend finding specialists to work out a plan for your child. Find out what works best for your child. You will be glad you bought and read this book. 

Philip Van Heusen

Reader's Favourite

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Online Book

Each child is unique in their own way. Just believe in the progress of your child's learning pace and trust that all things work for good, which will work to bring peace of mind.

Set Free Autism and ADHD is an inspiring and educating book penned by Lilly J. Faith. It was intentionally divided into twenty chapters and written in two hundred and twelve pages. It is an educational book filled with lessons and should be read with great diligence. 

Lilly tells a true life story of a family whose first son, Noah, was diagnosed with the second level of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This was discovered at the little age of two plus.

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Set Free Autism and ADHD is a raw and emotional journey into parenting.

The book is so well written, with practical tips which contain-time to think and act prompts that gives the reader a chance to process the chapter’s information and apply it to their own situation. As a parent of a child without Autism or ADHD, I found this book an incredible insight into a world I knew nothing about. This very talented author is bringing Autism and ADHD into the light. A fantastic book from start to finish.

Kelly Maree

Author and Entrepeneur

I recently read “Set Free Autism and ADHD” is based on Lilly’s son’s experience. This should be a handbook for many parents. It provides insight and hope. Determination and true grit are required when we have challenges concerning our children's health. 


I loved the parental tips that were provided filled with values and how this experience can actually bring parents and children closer to each other. Patience and empathy and believing there must be another way. The rewards are great as the improvement in Noah’s outlook. 

I cannot wait to purchase the book to hand out to my clients in my clinic. It’s a great story of working together in the higher interest of Noah. The emotions, the trials and tribulations and joy! Well done great family!

Anita Montersino


“Set Free Autism and ADHD” brings new awakenings of parenting autism and ADHD. If you are going through a time of darkness, after reading this book, there would be light which will penetrate and replace the darkest moments of parenting special needs. This book brings transformation change, which is a game changer.

Lucy Petschy

(Parenting ASD and ADHD)

Set Free Autism and ADHD, is beautifully written, a heart provoking story which will surely fill you with comfort and hope.

Kim Carruthers

(Children’s Services)

While reading the book, I felt like I was on a gentle journey towards understanding how a mother's love can lead to empowerment, strength, and determination. This journey will surely bring any reader towards the same, no matter their relationship to the Autistic community. 

The author shares insight into the process towards acceptance, the impact on the family dynamics, the need for knowledge and understanding, and the action plan to bring it all together. It is like reading a novel and manual combined; impacting both the emotional and intellectual thought process, which will certainly guide readers into action!

Stacy Badon

Autism Education Specialist 

Sensory Enrichment Therapist

Parent Coach

A testament to what can be achieved to support children in their development, when all stakeholders work together.

Kylie O'Loughlan

Primary School Teacher

 Education Queensland

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