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Set Free Autism and ADHD: Parenting Special Needs Children OUT NOW!!

We're excited to announce that Lilly Faith is now celebrating the release of her book Set Free Autism and ADHD: Parenting Special Needs' Children.

Purchase this new release book for just $22.99

You can buy your copy, here!

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Or You Can Purchase the eBook, here!

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Download Free Sample Chapter

Change is coming; Lilly helps parents see the child, not the diagnosis! When we received the diagnosis that’s when our world transformed for the better with parenting special needs.

My vision is bringing transformational change to children and families with special needs.

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Online Programs

There is so much hope to know children's futures are set up for success when you sign-up for new knowledge to help them reach their potential.

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Well Balanced Nutrituinal All-Around Healthy Diet

Healthy Eating and correcting the diet is a winning ingredient for children to thrive with well-being.


Autism Is A Puzzle

Lilly teaches parents how to fit the pieces to complete the puzzle. 

ADHD bigstock-Adhd-Concept-Word-Written-

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Their superpowers are: 

  • Imagination & Creativity

  • Hyper-focus

  • Intuitive and detail-oriented

  • Thinks 'outside the box'

  • The list is endless ...

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