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Hi, I’m Lilly Faith

I’m passionate about imparting knowledge as a coach, there are many advantages with children on the spectrum and using an action plan pays off in a big way, you have a successful day for all.

Here is an invitation to join me on the glorious journey. A Step-by-Step Blueprint…for you!

Are you desiring to learn? Are you longing for a new dawn day where progress is yearning to reap the rewards then don’t hold back?

Let’s begin this journey with many possibilities that will shift you from wherever you are in this present moment to destiny is awaiting. 


I’m certain you will embark on a newness where you will celebrate the wins with the information I will share with you, it is a game-changer!


Set Free Autism and ADHD

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Self Study Online Courses

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Educator Development Program (in person or online)

The session is about 1.5 hours and caters for an intimate group so up to 20 people per group so we can be personalised. 

The program topics include:

  • Introduction-Meet and Greet

  • How Playfulness builds Relationship

  • Communication Strategies

  • Teaching Social Skills

  • Teaching Coping Skills

  • Building Emotional Resilience

  • The Importance of using Visuals

  • Applying Positive Reinforcement 

  • Sensory Solutions

  • Strategies to Challenging Behaviours

  • Principles and Practices working within the Dyad

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Parent Development Program (in person or online)

This program is for you if you are:

  • seeking answers to figure out what works

  • not getting the results you desire for your child

  • wanting to try a new solution

  • at the limits of one's emotional or mental limitations

  • wanting to understand your child more

  • seeking more knowledge

  • wanting to give it a go

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