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Cyber Safety-Protect Your Child Online

Cyber Safety-Protect your child online is vital for keeping your child safe.

The general population is full of people with good and evil intentions! Wouldn’t you agree?

It's important to be aware of Paedophiles and strangers targeting children on the World Wide Web!

Children like watching online screen time, wouldn’t agree? Some kids would rather be outside playing! Screen time can be entertaining and educational however it does have to be closely monitored for any risk factors. There are many different types of fun kid games online.

Noah enjoys gaming on his Nintendo switch console, one of his favourite games he plays is called “Fortnite”!

One day I was sitting next to him, while he was playing Fortnite- we brought a microphone headset for him just a week ago so he could speak on the microphone and interact with players using verbal communication.

Little did we know we were about to experience the pros and cons of purchasing the microphone headset and about to witness a repercussion that would take place before our eyes!

Sitting next to him, I overheard an adult male voice online, in my opinion, “he didn’t sound like a child”. I could make sense that he was impersonating to be a child. A grown-up voice asked Noah “How old are you”? “Where about do you live"? Alarm bells in my mind went off, he was asking personal questions!

We quickly got him off online, explained the situation, and had a conversation about stranger danger then decided to ban the microphone headset, he still can play Fortnite!

How do you know whom your child is speaking to without a visual of that person’s face? Unless it’s a familiar voice and you see a visual of the person online then you know for sure. I know friend requests are sent to the user online and it’s easy to accept friend requests without thinking twice just by clicking okay.

It’s a good idea to go through the friends list occasionally to read out names and ensure your child knows the person who’s been added to the list “does your child know him or her from school or have they met before?

I thought if this can happen to Noah this incident then it can happen to any child so let’s ensure cyber safety-protecting your child online it’s vital for keeping your child safe.

Cyber Safety-Protect Your Child online is vital for keeping your child safe.

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