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Pokemon Trading Cards at School may be a bit tricky!

Are you familiar with Pokemon trading cards? Has your child played with these cards? My boy thinks pokemon cards are cool and epic!

I would like to investigate this subject a little deeper!

Do you remember your childhood primary school days? I recall many happy days, many days of bullying, teasing and peer pressure where some children weren't nice! I guess that's occurs within the schooling system.

During our primary school days children play with items as a fun interaction during break time! Remember the fun we had playing games with marbles, skipping, hide & seek tag, regular tag, soccer, basketball, football, handball with a tennis ball and lots of childlike activities. These activities we loved which brought us a lot of fond childhood memories.

In today's world, some children during school breaks are swapping Pokemon trading cards with each other which can be fun. There are challenges because if a child trades cards, then may change his or her mind and want's the card returned to them it may cause a conflict. Then depending on the type of card may trade a card that has a higher value/strength with a card that has a lower value or strength which may not be a fairy trade.

Did you know that some Pokemon card has a value which has $$$ associated worth to these rare cards which are Pokemon Ex, Pokemon GX & Pokemon V Max and Rainbow Rare and of course it must be a genuine card.

One of my son's favourite shops is EB Games. He often buys Pokemon-Booster Packs which has assorted cards. It's a luck of the draw, while he is flicking through the pack, he is hoping to score a Charizard which is an expensive card then takes it to school and trade it. Noah may not gain good cards from the Pokemon-Booster Pack and may feel a bit disappointed with the purchase.

I've heard there is fake Pokemon cards, not genuine cards out there and of course grading a card can immediately increase its value providing the the grade is high of course.

During school breaks, Noah has commented that there has been acts of bullying going on as kids won't trade with children that have average trading cards which I'm sure its put's pressure on the parents to once again purchase Pokemon Cards.

Pokemon Trading Cards at School may be a bit tricky!

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