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'Set Free Autism and ADHD' Parenting Special Needs’ Children by Lilly J Faith.

'Set Free Autism and ADHD' Parenting Special Needs’ Children got released to the world in June 2021. The new release, my memoir/resource manual book has had three official launches.

The first launch was at the local area coordinator's office connected to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The second launch was at Little Souls Applied Behaviour Analysis Centre and thirdly at the local winery Mount Nathan.

I recall when our family story landed in the newspaper, a cover page by a journalist wrote a story titled ‘Book a true tale of love’ Love conquers All. That’s the tagline for the book written by a Gold Coast mother on raising children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

At the event at Mount Nathan Winery, a fan just happened to be there, while engaging in conversation, she shared her heartfelt story, that's when I had a thought-provoking moment, thinking to myself that’s what it’s all about ‘making a difference.

Many stories I can share with you where there have been unprecedented encounters with bringing a transformational change to families and children. It's a true honor to be a chosen generational leader pioneering the modern movement of those children that will strike the nations.

I have partnered with holistic practitioners, naturopaths, behavioural therapists, Psychologists, Occupational Speech Therapists, and many more specialists.

Many doors of opportunities have opened up and many more to open.

The future is full of making memories and moments come alive Dream Big!

“Set Free Autism and ADHD” Parenting Special Needs’ has rapidly spread throughout Australia and it is expanding to the community. The following childcare centres that support my book are Essence Early Learning, Bright Kids, Genius, A Brighter Beginning, Imagine, Little Scholars, Jungle Gems and Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure.

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